Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Find My Family

Here's a clip from ABC's new show Find My Family. The basis of the show is to reunite families that have been separated for various reasons. Monday's episode was about a woman who gave her daughter up for adoption.

In this clip the mom talks about entrusting the safety of her daughter to St. Jude and giving her a medal that the daughter has kept with her her whole life. In a letter to her birth-mother the daughter writes "thank you for giving me life."

Later in the episode when the mom and daughter meet, the daughter says "thank you for giving me life" and the mother's response? "It wasn't my life to take from you."

That statement pretty much sums it up. These are lives we are talking about. No matter what kind of semantics you try to get into the fact of the matter remains that a fetus is a human life. An innocent baby. Separate and distinct from the mother. We don't have the right to take that life.


  1. Thanks to Kate for tipping me off on this one. A beautiful message of hope and love and life!

  2. Great post!! Thanks for sharing it.